Every business needs a mobile app, which is not an add-on anymore but a necessity. With most of the business coming from mobile applications it is no mystery that a mobile app is essential for every business. One question that comes in everyone’s mind is whether to get a custom built app or get an off the shelf ready to use app which is available to public.

Following are some points every business owner must take in consideration before deciding which option to pursue.

1. Complete Ownership of the mobile app

A tailor made app can be made private using legal terms and cannot be used by others as compared to a general application. A custom mobile app is easier to change over time and scale about which you will get to know further in this article. Off the shelf app are used by all and gives a hard time to programmers to change or customize the application in the future road map.

2. Personalized Features of the application

Off the shelf apps have the same features that are being used by different businesses which might not be appropriate for you. With custom made app you can fit in any feature which will be perfectly suitable for your clients and for your internal processes. This has a direct effect on your customer’s satisfaction as they will not lose out on anything that you have to offer with your custom mobile app.

3. Capability and Compatibility of the app

Your app might have to be compatible with some devices that the off the shelf app might not provide. The custom made app can be made more compatible according to your business needs. A successful app is the one that is made keeping longevity in mind. The mobile app must adapt over time to suit your clients changing needs and a poorly built general app is very difficult to change later on. Keeping capability in mind is extremely important for all businesses. (click here to read more about mobile scalability)

4. Design Uniqueness of the app

The ready-made app may be used by gazillions of businesses around the globe which may not impress your customers with the same impact that a custom built application can. A unique design is essential for a business to showcase its capabilities in the market and boast of its in house technical capabilities and approach.

It all depends on the type of business you have and in which direction you want it to go. Mobile app development is projected to generate 188.9 billion U.S. dollars in revenues in 2020. Click here for more details

If, you’re business is aimed at leaving a mark by showing the uniqueness of your business then the custom way is the right way. The general app can come in handy for any business that does not wants to create its own version and just needs the app for convenience. For any help you can reach out the YawA team to guide you further. Contact Us