Business promotion through Smartphone becomes the modern passion because of the harmonizing rate of web surfing & online shopping by the mobile users. In order to have better traffic in Google search engine from both mobile & desktop users, it is recommended to convert your existing static or dynamic websites into responsive and developing new websites on responsive platforms.

According to the latest survey by Google admin & digital experts, the Responsive or Mobile Friendly websites get ranked easily as the number of mobile users has been increasing at a bullet train speed.

Let’s discuss some crucial reason of growing popularity and value of Responsive sites.

Increasing rate of Smartphone users

The dominated rate of traffic generated by the mobile users helps the online trading sites and other commercial sites in getting cached near the Top page of search engines.

Cost Effectiveness of the Mobilefriendly sites

The designing cost of responsive websites will be lower because of the unique responsive theme formats for each page of the website. The initial page will take more time and manpower to get designed and once it is ready, the other web pages of the site will be easier because of the implementation of the basic themes of the initial page to other web pages.

Easier shareable content

Both the mobile & desktop users will be able to share the every content of the responsive sites in separate URLs. The mobile versions of the website will be automatically accessed by the mobile users while clicking on the same website URLs.

Responsive sites are SEO Friendly sites

The responsive web pages get crawled quickly by a single Googlebot user agent to obtain all versions of the content and that’s why the responsive sites are cached easily on the better ranking position of the Google.  Here, the use of multiple Googlebot user agents will be reduced, the helps Google index the web page faster than other simple designed sites.

Reduced browsing time and Accelerates speed:

Responsive web design technology also reduces the identification time and load time or browsing time of a web page to get redirected through a click of the visitors. Hence, the faster browsing sites are recognized by the Google search engine to get cached in the Search engine result pages.


User—friendly editing facility

Responsive websites need less time to update the multiple web pages with the similar content. These web pages are easily editable or changeable due to unique features & design styles.

Modernized Mobile User Experience:

The modernization of mobile utility through Smartphone enhances the demand for the responsive sites. Huge users of mobile make enormous online buying & selling of things at a faster rate and become the crucial reason of online business enhancements.

Difference between responsive & adaptive designs

Responsive websites are such websites that support well to any size of the web browser at any given devices. The quality of the website doesn’t vary with the size of the screen and layout size either 300 px or 30000 px width.

Adaptive websites get adjusted to the width of the different size web browser at a particular point. It means, the website is only concerned about the size of the browser having a particular width, where it accepts the layout.

Let’s discuss about more differences between responsive & adaptive designs.

  • The responsive web design is more search engine friendly than adaptive web design.
  • The future content editing is more user-friendly in responsive than the adaptive web design.
  • The cost of entire responsive website design is cheaper than the adaptive website.
  • The responsive website looks attractive on a tablet, mobile, and desktop where as the look of the adaptive website differs in the different device.
  • No zooming actions are required in small sized mobile device for responsive websites and for adapting sites, zoom action is required.

Important HTML5 & CSS3 demo Tags and codes of Responsive web designs

<!DOCTYPE html>
<html lang=”en-us”>
.city {
float: left;
margin: 6px;
padding: 16px;
max-width: 350px;
height: 350px;
border: 2px solid Green;

<h1>Responsive Website Design Demo Codes</h1>

<div class=”Fruit”>
<p>Apple is one of best fruit for good health</p>
<p>More Description is to be written here</p>

<div class=” Fruit”>
<p>Orange juice is useful for good heath.</p>
<p> Descriptions are to be written>


RESULT: Find the result page on the web browser such as Mozilla or Chrome by typing the URL of HTML page on the title bar.

The above codes also can be written using W3.CSS codes

<!DOCTYPE html>
<meta name=”viewport” content=”width=device-width, initial-scale=1″>
<link rel=”stylesheet”href=””>

<div class=”w3-container w3-orange”>
<h1>W3.CSS Demo with Responsive web design</h1>
<p>Resize the above responsive web page!</p>

<div class=”w3-row-padding”>

<div class=”w3-third”>
<p> Apple is one of best fruit for good health </p>
<p>More Description can be written here</p>

<div class=”w3-third”>
<p> Orange juice is useful for good health </p>
<p> Descriptions are to be written.</p>


Boost up the business through Responsive Web Design services

  • According to the latest survey report, 75% of companies have converted their adaptive websites to a Responsive website to make them mobile friends.
  • The giant E-commerce sites such as Amazon, eBay, Flip cart, Myntra and many more sites yield around 169.2% increased amount than the before with the adaptive website.
  • The business websites other than e-commerce sites also earn around 175% profit then


With the accruing appearance, many business oriented websites are developed through responsive design tactics with the help of our expert web designer & developers to decrease the necessity for a particular mobile friendly web design. In order increase the possibility of online or offline sales , the user experience gets accelerated that drives towards more sales and client relation as apparent clients are not satisfied by small quantities of text and almost complicated navigation. The conversion rates will be changed suddenly by making the website responsive. Why don’t you wish for a better business opportunity? Share us your thought through our contact us page or telephone calls.