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Our flagship recruitment division, NiftyHire, aims to solve customer problems with contingency staffing solutions. With a diverse team of recruiters and a wide network of industry leaders in the board, NiftyHire is a fantastic addition to our customer’s list of agency partners. Our philosophy at NiftyHire is to bridge the gap between quality, speed, and cost effectiveness. While the industry convention dictates one cannot have all three, we believe that with a small dedicated group of professionals, it is possible.

We like to be called recruitment partners, and not a consultancy. The intent is to work with our customers to optimize effectiveness. Our prime differentiator is sense of urgency. Our current clientele has startups and large enterprises, and we like the diversity which we find ourselves catering to.

What we offer:

Although bespoke, our strengths are in:

  • Permanent/Full-Time Staffing: This is our prime offering. Although we are competitive already, we are still open to conversations, based on volume and nature of the business. Majority of our teams are tuned to conventional permanent hiring capabilities and are known to present a very promising mix of candidates across the spectrum.
  • Contract Staffing: With the contract market picking up in India, and highly skilled individuals getting inclined to short term consulting gigs, our contract staffing teams would be able to provide you with the best talent in the shortest of turn-around times. Our services would enable the much needed abstraction your business wants, and that would allow you to stay away from the complexities of managing the employment engagements for contractors.
  • Interviewing Services: Some of our customers have expressed the desire to seek help in getting their interviewing engine streamlined. Our services include getting subject matter experts to interview your candidates on a per-interview basis. Calling  short term contractor to full-time, we can help you with this flexible option at very convenient terms.

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