If you notice, the most decorated space in a home is the living room. That’s because living room is the first place any of your guests will see and judge your home based on it. Very similarity, the need for having landing pages for your website has increased over the years as it plays a vital role in the number of lead to sale conversion. Ask any web development company or a digital marketing firm and they’ll tell you having an attractive landing page is no more an option but a necessity. Here are some of the reasons for having landing pages dedicated for each of your services to stand out and charm your audience.

Service oriented

Having an individual landing page for each of your services will help your audience to focus on a specific offering on that page. Let’s assume a software development business that has multiple services catering towards developing web and mobile applications. For such a business, it is important to have independent pages dedicated to web application development, mobile application development and other related services as it will help the visitors to have better understanding of your services. The main focus is to avoid unnecessary and unrelated information which could distract your visitor’s attention.

Limitless marketing

We all know that television ads, radio ads, banners or paper ads are limited by time and space. However, the information provided on a landing page can convey all the necessary information about your services to a prospective client with no limitation of spacing or adding costing. When these visitors come to your site they are informed about all important aspects of your services and the knowledge you hold about your business.

Content Control

If you compare a landing page to any other means of traditional marketing methods then you’ll find how flexible the content in a landing page could be. For example, can we change an advertisement once it has been published in a magazine or a hoarding? No, however, this isn’t the case with landing pages as they can be changed anytime from the backend of your website based on your visitor’s interests at no added cost.

Branding of your site

Designing your landing pages with a uniform style and feel to your main page can leave a positive impression to your visitors and promote good branding for your company. Following a uniform design layout for your website will increase the trust factor of your company as it shows that you know how to attract your customers.

Increase form submissions

When users are directed towards a dedicated page of your service, there are higher possibilities for those users to contact your company for further information. This could also mean that there is a higher possibility of these visitors to fill the contact form after having an increased trust factor from the informative landing page instead of a stuffed index page with lesser information about your service or productLanding page.

Increase page links

A landing page can be used to increase external links to your website or have multiple links to your relevant blogs or service page which will increases the amount of time a visitor spends on your site. As you would already know that these links will help in increasing your Google Page rank as long as these links are informative and relevant to your services.

Better Market analysis

Having landing pages linked to your google ads will help you know which of your services is most visited and liked by your visitors. This is a critical information because you could make better business decisions based on your customer’s interest and needs. Whether the traffic comes from google search or your marketing campaign, landing pages will help you take critical business decisions to increase your customer base.