The festive season is almost here! With Christmas and New Year being the peak for online sales, proper marketing and planning plays an important role in increasing your sales and with less than a month to go, it’s high time you planned your planning strategy.

  • Social Media

Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, even Linkedln are the best publicity platforms. With the flexibility of choosing your own audience, you can market your products to people who love your domain. Christmas and Easter are the perfect times for offers, discounts, and promotions.

  • Make sure your website is celebrating Christmas too

Online stores’ backgrounds are often plain and boring and the lies in customizing your homepage. Why not, this Christmas put up an image of Santa Claus and Xmas trees.  Change the buttons and add extra affects like snowfall in the background. While this may not boost up your sales, they will definitely increase the traffic. Conduct games and treasure hunts. Requesting the customer to search for a gift or Santa Claus will make them go through the whole online store.

  • Email

More customized emails sent to customers could be helpful to improve your sales. While spamming them with a lot of emails is to be avoided, mails like “Sales end in a week”, “Special Discount Offer” often grab people’s attention and their interest is piqued.

  • The Pre Christmas Rush

In a busy world, people often don’t give festivals much thought. There are always a specific set of people who don’t realize its Christmas until its right around the corner. So, for them, allocate separate space in your store that has the must-be-present things for Christmas. Also, make sure you have the facility for your customers to write greeting cards for their friends or family abroad.

  • Multiple Payment Option

Since the store isn’t limited to a specific set of people, adding various payment options for your customers is ALWAYS a bonus. Most online stores often see a decrease in the sales because even though their products are good, lack of payment options forces the customer to choose another store. So make sure your store has a wide variety of payment methods.

  • After-sales Service

Even after the purchase is done, to give them something extra is always a plus point. It shows that you care about them. Send them Christmas greetings and also little small gifts along with the products they purchased, it can be anything from discount coupons to chocolates. Because of the genuine interest that you show in them, they will come back to your store for more.

While all of these are ways to get into the holiday mood, but we understand every business is unique, so the good old plan of customizing it as per your need is always a good idea.


Happy Holidays!