Every entrepreneur who needs a website or a mobile application for their business will always wonder which would be a better and a safer option, a web developing company or a freelancer? You are probably reading this because you are not sure either. . This article will help you decide this so stay put!

There are multiple factors which lead clients to choose the either of these options and it is important to address these factors and put yourself in those situations accordingly.

Factor 1: Clients with Low BUDGET

For web development company:

When budget becomes the deciding factor, then web development companies won’t be good bet because of two reasons: one, most of these companies do not take low budget projects because they have bunch of coders and designers to feed. Two, even if you find someone then there is a very high chance that they will screw up your project up-side down. Don’t get disheartened already, unless you really want to work with a company then the only way is to hire a new web development company who would take up your project to increase their portfolio. However, there’s a bit of risk involved in them as well. Go figure.

For Freelancer:

Freelancing would be a right choice for you with low budget because they represent themselves with a specific skill set. Since a freelancer need not bare any infrastructure costs, they work at lower cost to please their clients and take responsibility to complete your project from scratch to end. However, if you are not strict about the timeline to complete the project then they will be the right fit because they would need way more time to complete a project compared to a web development company. Few things to keep in mind before you choose a freelancer:

  • Freelancer should be skilled – Interview them well.
  • Make sure you check their existing work
  • Make it very clear from the beginning about the amount of time and research they would put into your project and lastly,
  • Make sure they understand your idea and vision of your business

You could hire freelancers from www.upwork.com or www.freelancer.com

Factor 2: Clients with no technical background

This is a serious issue because most of the time these non -technical clients fall victim of being fooled and scammed by both companies and freelancers. Here’s how you can avoid it:

  • Investigate about the web development company and the freelancer
  • Know their skill set by making sure they walk their talk. See all the projects done by the company and the freelancer related to your project.
  • Test them by checking if they have understood your requirement.
  • Make them do some research about your idea and ask for suggestions.
  • Measure the efforts put by the company or the freelancer.
  • Find out how they will handle your project from the start to end.
  • Ask them how they will help you after the completion of the project

Please make sure you have checked all the above points and you will be able to make the right decision.

Factor 3: Clients with small low requirement projects

Low requirement projects could be of two types:

  • Projects that are small but with complex requirements
  • Projects that are actually small, like Static websites, blogs, brochure websites or even portfolio website

Projects with complex requirements irrespective of being small or big usually requires high level expertise with experienced individuals to handle your project. Web development companies hire these individuals to handle these kind of projects who could understand your requirement and quickly come with a solution. Freelancers on the other hand could assist you with this requirement however, it is fairly a hard task to find freelancers with this level of expertise and they are more expensive than website development company.

Projects that are small would fit in right with freelancers as they would have the bandwidth and required expertise to finish these projects. However make sure you check all the points under factor 2 to hire the right freelancer.

Summarizing Freelancers:


  • Not expensive
  • Suitable for small projects with small to medium requirements
  • They would help you as an technical guide only if you are technically strong as well
  • They are available at flexible timings


  • Limited value for the over-all project cycle
  • They are a one an army and if they fall, it’s going to be hard to restart your project
  • Won’t be available full-time because they will be parallely working on other project along with yours
  • You always need to have a plan B in case of any trouble with the freelancer
  • When your project completes, so does the contract with the freelancer. No post-delivery support
  • It’s not necessary to get to a face to face meeting unless you find some freelancer from your own locality. However that would narrow down the number of quality freelancer.

Summarizing Web Development Company:


  • They have an entire team of qualified developers (click here to know more), designers, project managers and technical leads to handle and delivery your project.
  • They could handle big and complex requirements
  • They will provide you with in-depth consultation of your idea
  • They do not charge you based on individuals, instead based on the whole project
  • They strive to work along with you to grow and capitalize with your vision of your company
  • Post-delivery support, they got your back if your website or mobile application stalls
  • Since they are a company, they would strive to maintain a reputation and keep their customers happy.
  • They would work with you as a technology partner to handle all your technical requirements
  • They will handle your project with professionalism and care


There are so many companies out there, so it requires a strict moderations to finalize with a company which will help you grow

They are expensive based on the project type.