The dawn of the 21st century brought in major changes in technological advancements and scientific growth. One among the innovation that changed the lives and perspective of millions of people around the globe is the advent of the Mobile applications. With stable and powerful Operating Systems such as Android and iOS ruling the world of mobile applications, receiving information and convenient way of doing business has never been better.

The consumers of e-commerce business invariably seek a mobile application primarily because of the ease and comfort it provides.  The people are spending more time online than ever and more than 3/4th of the time is spent using the mobile application. Enterprises online work differently because nowadays once a consumer comes across a brand, he first checks it up if it is available online if it is available then he proceeds to the review and overview of the brand. If he finds that there is a mobile application available for that brand, he simply just downloads it and the purchase is just a click away.

Advertising costs are minimized when there is a quality mobile app that speaks for your business. As the consumers have the apps on their mobile devices it increases the level of accessibility to levels that were not possible before. Finding the history and the location of the company and tracking them has never been easier. The announcement of offers and big sales is possible for excessively stocked items in the repository. The major likes of the producer are the availability of push notification that sends the discounts, offers and reminders.

The primary mobile app owners who earn billions in India are Flipkart, Snapdeal, Ola, Paytm, Myntra, Jabong and Shopclues have given the best of the digital marketing and are reaping benefits for their move. The grand success of these companies alone proves the huge impact that the mobile apps have on the e-commerce business platforms.

With Smartphone evolving as a necessity than a luxury, the future of eCommerce depends purely on how a company does business online. Future of enterprise depends upon mobile apps and going online has never been more prudent. Reaching new customers, having a loyal base of customers with strong reviews, offers and rewards, quality products and service are the cardinal benefits of using a mobile app. Going online is the way to improve commerce and trade. If a business is willing to expand then the possible way of doing so is to build a mobile application that caters to the needs of the right audience.